Beta round 18 medals & awards

Beta round 18 medals & awards

Yay! Another round, another batch of medals and awards. I pinky promise to add them faster this time.

Medal of Earth

Dishy vicar (#1219)201 164 m2
Joseph Stalin (#615)171 620 m2
Richard (#1322)167 314 m2
Leopold II of Belgium (#1910)156 932 m2
Ganjena (#202)154 200 m2
Hyacinth Bucket (#1343)136 116 m2
Kim Il-sung (#1029)129 386 m2
Onslow (#481)127 825 m2
M0rpihus (#1906)125 077 m2
Harry S. Truman (#1843)123 612 m2

Medal of Honor

Dazed and Confused (#1421)5 033pts
Marburg (#29)4 740pts
iGotMunchies (#2355)3 802pts
🐚💨BubblyBongWater (#2311)3 742pts
Happy Plants (#433)3 703pts
Rabies (#1052)3 650pts
Ebola (#522)3 490pts
Salmonella (#2046)3 397pts
H1N1 (#402)3 382pts
Muddler (#1775)3 189pts

Medal of Growth

M0rpihus (#1906)$ 2 673 725
Ganjena (#202)$ 2 576 381
Demon (#1203)$ 2 520 900
Angahhh (#2393)$ 2 435 711
Dishy vicar (#1219)$ 2 396 248
Onslow (#481)$ 2 115 062
Hoofy (#457)$ 2 033 118
Richard (#1322)$ 1 987 936
Pennywise (#1385)$ 1 975 959
#Offended (#2004)$ 1 938 135

Medal of Courage

Tke (#1383)561
Dazed and Confused (#1421)526
Happy Plants (#433)472
iGotMunchies (#2355)470
Muddler (#1775)480
sys64738 (#2078)446
Cleese (#2228)432
BVC (#1947)450
Boris III (#2226)416
🐚💨BubblyBongWater (#2311)401

Medal of Death

BVC (#1947)19
Eaglet (#2309)8
Cleese (#2228)7
sys64738 (#2078)4
Gilliam (#2243)4
Boris III (#2226)4
iGotMunchies (#2355)3
Muddler (#1775)3
Henkie (#1319)3
Bubbleheaddiver (#2024)3

Medal of Thievery

Henkie (#1319)$ 57 876 271
Salmonella (#2046)$ 40 604 621
visoks (#1759)$ 39 233 739
Ebola (#522)$ 17 326 442
Muddler (#1775)$ 15 192 799
H1N1 (#402)$ 14 316 205
Rebourne (#1524)$ 10 713 103
Junin (#2429)$ 9 755 590
Rabies (#1052)$ 9 496 100
Tke (#1383)$ 8 220 899

Medal of Destruction

EpiC Purple Urkle (#2045)$ 1 636 231
jurgen45 (#1443)$ 1 368 603
Gilliam (#2243)$ 1 351 614
Rebourne (#1524)$ 1 126 075
Dar_Klajid (#2319)$ 1 120 194
Marburg (#29)$ 1 069 692
Rabies (#1052)$ 1 061 997
Weasels_own (#1744)$ 923 539
Junin (#2429)$ 870 164
H1N1 (#402)$ 826 191

Medal of Devastation

Salmonella (#2046)$ 84 093
#Offended (#2004)$ 65 419
Makavelli (#2005)$ 48 202
Marburg (#29)$ 46 487
M0rpihus (#1906)$ 33 691
Rabies (#1052)$ 30 288
Ebola (#522)$ 28 068
Joker is Wild (#1378)$ 26 729
Pennywise (#1385)$ 25 947
Kim Il-sung (#1029)$ 24 417

United Boundaries

SeX is Not A Crime (#375928)833 954 m2
Sid Meier’s Civilization (#209198)776 667 m2
Demons Are Awakened (#301532)575 814 m2
Extinction in the Sahara (#4317)501 232 m2
SYSTEMBOLAGET (#56149)462 121 m2
The Warriors of Deathgrip (#88241)440 183 m2
Some Kind of Pandemic (#74833)259 034 m2
Drugs Kill (#839157)179 317 m2
#YouToo (#685756)177 551 m2
CunniNg StuNts (#51238)105 950 m2

United Arms

Drugs Kill (#839157)2 273 attacks
Nukezone Legends (#576197)1 794 attacks
Arctic Blue (#896655)1 150 attacks
The Flying Circus (#896779)1 111 attacks
Some Kind of Pandemic (#74833)1 102 attacks
Sid Meier’s Civilization (#209198)908 attacks
Hooligans Don’t Stop (#49399)756 attacks
SeX is Not A Crime (#375928)489 attacks
L.E.D. Zeppelin (#669383)450 attacks
Extinction in the Sahara (#4317)363 attacks


Demons Are Awakened (#301532)$ 11 928 861
SeX is Not A Crime (#375928)$ 11 376 941
SYSTEMBOLAGET (#56149)$ 9 723 512
Sid Meier’s Civilization (#209198)$ 9 227 681
The Warriors of Deathgrip (#88241)$ 7 979 890
Extinction in the Sahara (#4317)$ 4 807 800
Some Kind of Pandemic (#74833)$ 4 343 797
Drugs Kill (#839157)$ 3 935 106
#YouToo (#685756)$ 3 157 561
CunniNg StuNts (#51238)$ 1 979 248

Clan Points

Drugs Kill (#839157)21 733pts
Some Kind of Pandemic (#74833)21 392pts
Nukezone Legends (#576197)13 571pts
The Flying Circus (#896779)7 949pts
Arctic Blue (#896655)6 936pts
Casual Players (#605863)6 516pts
Hooligans Don’t Stop (#49399)4 473pts
Feel The RAAF. (#660354)3 619pts
L.E.D. Zeppelin (#669383)2 771pts
Sid Meier’s Civilization (#209198)1 307pts

45 thoughts on “Beta round 18 medals & awards”

  • Too bad of our 5 day *forced* break! We gave ourselves an awesome challenge.
    Congratz to all, seems fair to me!
    Epic round tbh xoxo

  • EpiC Purple Urkle says:

    Congrats to all winners. This round was definitely a nail bitter towards the end. I can honestly say I had fun, and you guys (SKoM) had me worried for a day or so. I want to thank our team for their commitment to the game. In no special order… Cookies for his strategy for the beginning of the round. Crazy that we can bounce ideas off one another, absolutely one of the best CT1 I’ve ever had; and if he decides to get his own clan… watch out. Korpill for his tenacity in putting up points; and I might say a good strategist as well. What can I say, he won MoC last round and MoH this round. Time for you to get some sleep dude ;). Sodak… Always there when you need him for raids and putting up points. Clanclip… is like our attack dog, and when you put him on APOC’s he positively rips shit up. Last, but not least Wennaz… It has been a pleasure this round and without a doubt very humble and family oriented individual… When its family time…. Its family time.

    Compared to last round, we were able to stay in wars longer and last through nutrition with turns and money. I know we pist a few clans off for warring longer than we should, but with the limited amount of clans to war… well… it is what it is. Too bad SKoM was a little derailed in the middle of the round, it certainly messed up our war rotation; and with some clans not willing to fight back and selling out… hurt us towards the end. So now that the round is over… We can sit back relax with a cold one and take a nice big pufffff…. And I can almost hear Korpill and Clanclip mumbling “Pass it to the left foo.”

      • …someone called his friends on his ex clan to arrange a raid on Mega together? I heard alliance?
        You are crazy Wakkie. Just a coincidence…2 clans raiding the same person at the same time on a Saturday morning and by coincidence leaving the last attack and the kill (hence +50p) to the points clan? LMAO

          • How about the other 3 deaths before that? You went mutual vs us and got OBLITERATED!

            Where do I even begin on “shadow” (ex skom member Id) and groinman, whom coordinated raids against us randomly?

  • I hoped you learned about previous round when boosting high with low land is interesting for nw players, but didnt learn from it, what a shame

    go write some pm’s and tell people who to attack

    • So much interaction revealed between you two by this post :’)

      You’ve became so bitter. I used tot know you as a nice and lol guy…

      • Bitter ?? You should start reading your posts every round, you must have eten a lemon this morning for breakfast cause your posts …. I can smell it from here.

  • Everyone well played, the one that needed to win won.
    nobody remembers second was it ? Congrats DRUGS you guys did a great job !
    To bad we had to stop the race because we killed skom, grats to the demons and sexy for a great Nw/UB race !
    Especially the last days where awesome to watch 😆

    • I must have sleept when you killed skom…
      So why exactly did you stop after we paused? To not gain a massive lead? Drugs went too hard to follow? You didn’t go points? or just another excuse? The boulevard was open…

        • Haha we killed four of them and now it’s salty, the reason we stopped the race was because of randommssss. When we got units they where smashed right away so could not declare on Drugs or do anything also we went semi active that had no reason it just happened

  • Thanks Geronimo and admins for another round of fun.
    Gratz to all the people who are playing for a goal! You guys are the heart of this game!
    It was a great round with an close ending on all sides of the awards.
    Gratz to Drugs, EpiC and team, you did an amazing job by beating SkoM. Proud of you.
    To SkoM, damn guys, what a comeback. We knew you guys would war us on close to last day, so we were totally ready! I thought we could get more kills, but some heavy defences and some slow raiding from us turned into only 2 kills. Wakkie <3.

    To SeXy and DDD, damn guys, what a round. Elon made one mistake by getting his head turned around by Demon and attacking us instead of some easier DDD targets. Nice psychological warfare Demon. You won NW there! Gratz.

    To my teammates, sorry guys, no UB gold for us. In every other round we had enough land to win the shiny. Unfortunatly an insane scoring SeXy took it from us :'(. Those bastards!

    Most impressive thing I've ever seen is the revival of Tsjerno, good job there. 110k land on 5-6 days is amazing and never been seen before!

    To all the people who think they can make me attack the target they want: IT DOESN'T WORK <3.

    Best regards,


  • Joseph Stalin says:

    My Self Indulgant Mega-Style Write Up of Our Round

    What a fucking round. Literally hours after it started two pretty major bugs rounded their heads, one allowed you to see any players Money, Turns, Free Land, Power etc by just going to their profiles. Initially it was reported to me by one of the Demons an hour or so after the round started and we were trying to keep it quiet until Gero reared his head so it could be fixed, but as more and more time passed by phone was blowing up with more and more people noticing it and PMing me so that was a drama. At the same time there was a turn-buy bug, where buying units with turns stole all your turns and money and didn’t give you units, so I was trying to keep track of who had lost stuff so I could let them know personally when it was fixed, COS IM GOOD LIKE THAT.

    All of this was happening while we were trying to formulate some kind of plan as to how the round would start. I spent probably 25 mins arguing with Hakris as to whether MP > MP > EE > EE was better than MP > EE > EE > MP before we basically agreed they were fundamentally the same and we were both just wasting time, and MTL was doing MTL things and just watching us.
    When we eventually got rolling, MTL “done a panic” and build 450 APP instead of PPs, so we all laughed at him for a while for that and I invite you to do the same.

    AP dropped, and we all had a tonne of cash but we didn’t bank it cos we’re hardcore. Noone thieved us for some reason. Gutted guys. It then transpired people couldn’t declare wars due to “out of range” messages so that was a bit more drama. Gero was a total hero though and fixed all the bugs as they cropped up super fast so props to him.

    The next week or so basically consisted of a lot of “FUCK SEXY” in our whatsapp chat, and us just AFK waiting for enough turns to explore 20k and fill it. At one point one of our members explored but didn’t have turns to fill it and he lost it pretty fast so that was funny. There was also an incident where Hakris and I fell out over pictures of my dick but I won’t elaborate on that.
    Random Snippets from our clan chat over the next week while we didn’t do much other than raid Limbo and a few random clans that we pissed off (Nilbog, looking at you guys)

    “Whoever gets up first gets aid”
    “I’m up”
    “Do you need it though”

    “20 infantries bought, msg said 1 turn but lost 2 turns?”
    “Oh forgot I bought some buildings”

    “When does round end?” (asked on 19th August)

    “I would recommend midget porn”
    “Dude its my fave when I’m depressed”
    “If you watch it on a 55inch monitor its basically actual size”

    We then basically just landraided as much as we could, which was kinda hard cos Hakris is most active when he’s drunk and he has this habit of passing out at awkward times. We developed a bit of a rivalry with Sexy which basically just resulted in us spying each other a lot as some weird turnwasting mind game, and we got a lot of incs from Nilbog who we’d raided a whole bunch for land. A new bug reared its head which allowed infinite attacks for no morale, but gero squished this promptly (hero).

    Things got fun when we joined in a gangbang of a Sexy member a week before the round end. We took nearly 40k land in like 25 minutes, fairly sure WoD and DDD were going at it at the same time. At this point I realised I was 13k behind MoE gold, so I set my sights on that. At this point DDD were ahead of us in nw but behind in land, and Sexy were ahead in both by quite a bit. It’s worth mentioning we never wanted NW.

    My first target for my road to gold was Minion. I lost nearly 60k networth, but literally anyone who knows me knows I wouldn’t care. This prompted Mega to message MTL to tell tales on me, apparently Minion was pretty salty. “ITS NOT EVEN EFFICIENT” screamed Mega. “YOU’RE JUST GOING BACKWARDS”. Well hard luck Pal I’ve been going backwards for like 8 months! Cue more suicide attacks on Skom while I giggle to myself and accumulate land. We wrote off any NW attempt early into the round, so my losses didn’t matter. All we really wanted was the Land.

    Minion then started messaging MTL, and we developed a sort of pseudo rivalry with Skom at this point. Sexy and DDD were bunkered to shit, we tried two separate raids on Sexy which failed so we were basically just scooping land where we could and making a lot of enemies. Cue the 2nd last day of the round, when Skom started spying us. We MTL and I immediately smelled war, and decided if they declared us we’d order BK early and kill them for banter. They didn’t declare, but we ordered BK anyway just to try and raid some land. In general we had very low NW for our land because we were trying to operate at a range where Sexy couldn’t hit us, so we really lacked the AP needed for successful land grabs at this point. (I was at 1.1m with 1.3k GIs, repeated failures. It’s partly why we milked the targets we did so hard). Basically minutes after we ordered, Skom declared us. I’ve said in discord already that we considered this an arrogant move, and we immediately set out to mess with them, medals be damned.

    I set an alarm for 6:45am (earliest I’ve woken up in my life tbh) and we mutualled them. We hammered them hard, but they fought really well. I was running GIs, and they’re bugged in respect to Bios, so I lost 1.3k GIs to skom bios in under 6 minutes. This continued for the rest of the day, I lost over 4k in a couple hours. We killed Wakkie (poor wakkie) and hammered the newbie. He was an ABSOLUTE LEGEND, firing nukes at us with less than 2k land. Big respect to that guy (If you ever want to ditch Skom hit me up). Mega wasn’t happy we attacked him, but secretly I think he loved us taking him to dicktown. The whole way through the war Mega was basically telling MTL that it would be “better for everyone if skom members didn’t die” since they were “tickling us with nukes and not taking our land anyway”. Fuck that, NWO doesn’t fight with brains we just storm in with our massive swinging dicks and regret it after.

    We took two kills and Silver UB, got over 1k points in a day and had a tonne of fun. Kudos to DDD and Sexy, we basically tried to stay out their way because tbh Sexy had so much semi BK it made my butthole ache and DDD were really bunkered. Skom took Silver points, Drugs took gold and I’m super pleased for them. Really good for the health of the game in general that the same clans don’t win every round. We set out for UB gold and we didn’t achieve it, but more significantly we wanted to have a laugh playing a game with friends and we definitely did that. Hopefully Skom don’t take it too personally… you “probably” wouldn’t have gotten gold anyway 😉

    Oh and btw Elvis, I saw you spy my GIs, and built 500 MGTs right after, which you clearly didn’t notice. Soz fam <3

    GG guys, see you next round 🙂

    • Joseph Stalin says:

      Oh also Mega called me “the biggest bitch” and MTL “the WORST” so we’re taking that as medals anyway.

      • I thought I called you king bitch or some such ;-D. I still stand by warring you (ONLY on the last day) being the right decision. It was suicide, but we knew it was 18h of 25ppa guarantee – and we scored our best points of the round in the final 36h so it was definitely the right decision.

        There is no way we could have scored more. If we’d sold down to hit Drug, they would turtle to protect their lead. We made that mistake declaring Demons on the penultimate day several rounds ago and they just hid from us to protect the points.

        ANYWAY. Very happy to see a new clan take the gold. It’s great for the life of the game. It was fun, even playing the mind games on the last days.

        As for our general strategy – it was simply derailed when I was attacked by 3 members each of two “unrelated clans” within 6mins. My teammates were pretty frustrated, more so than me – and when no action was taken, it was very hard to get the clan ready to fight again. I actually cannot believe the audacity of the attempt, but like in previous rounds, the evidence was only circumstantial I suppose. Regardless, By the time I was ready to war again 3d later, it turned out no one else had arranged any war for the whole time and we were a good 3k down.

        The whole clan wanted to give up and troll, but we eventually agreed to push and at least get silver. Which turned out to be very easy as there was no real competition there. In fact, it became clear once we easily took the silver that this clan had decided not to compete in pts, and instead earned a couple of medals – congrats to those guys for the medals of course :-).

        By the time we caught back up to speed and started pushing, unfortunately it was more like 5k. I am super proud that we pushed it close, but as I say, more than that – I am really happy for DRUG that they won. Lovely to see new blood competing at the highest level. I hope they keep it up.

        And to Korpill – jesus christ. I had solid 25ppa for a whole week and you stayed ahead by a consistent 500p. Amazing work. Unstoppable.

        It is sometimes happy for me, being both a moderator for the game and developer, and also a player. I do feel my clan lost because of the former role this round, but also – due to that former role – I am super super happy that DRUG won, as it’s fantastic for our game. I would be very happy to finish lower and lower each round in the standings if it is because there is much more competition for the gold and it’s just too hard to do it.

        Congrats to everyone. Thanks for playing. This was on balance the most fun round I ever had, especially the last 24h.

        ps, fantastic work from our new member HK McCormick who joined, learned the game, and in the end was just one spot outside the top10 MoH list having died twice, and was pushing Elvis in pts in our clan. Was a pleasure to have you on board the skombag experience.


    • I wouldnt even care of your mgts. My anti inf was unstopable. You realised that when i attacked you and whooped your ass. Imagine a points clan raping a nw and ub clan. Imagine a points player attacking a 1.8 mil with 160k land nw player. AND NOBODY FROM YOU HAD THE BALLS TO ATTACK ME. YOU MANAGED A SHITTY KILL ON OUR NEW GUY AFTER MAKING 3 RAIDS ON HIM.. REMINDING YOU THAT YOU WHERE 1.8 NW EACH WITH PURE BK.. IN OTHER WORDS YOU SUCK.. IF IT WAS OPPOSITE YOU WOULD ALL DIE IN 3 RAIDS. AND YOU MANAGED 1 KILL ON A GUY THAT WAS HIS FIRST ROUND. PATHETIC. I WAS BEGGING THAT SOMEONE HAD THE BALLS TO COME ON ME. BUT YOU DIDNT.


        • Not yelling boy. Next round you shouldnt give up points when we are ahead of you. We proved that this round. We where 3rd by 5k points from gold. We stoped for 5 days and we managed to pass you (very easily) and got to 300 points from gold. So never give up tke. Someday you will beat us. It can be done , if we do midround breaks 😂 . Well done for that thingy you earned.. btw how many times did henkie reset to take Mot? That was never my goal tbh and i didnt even reset ever. But again i was so close. He must be doing something really wrong. He used 10 x times my turns.

        • Why are you stoking so much…that’s een betere vraag.. Behind the PC People change apperantly.

          Maybe it’s time for a United belgians VS the rest round. I wouldnt even mond.

      • You’re a joke. We did only 1 real raid on the new guy, on around 13.00 CEST. (first 2 ‘raids’ were on Wakkie)

        We picked our targets. You guys had too much DP for making more kills, we pulled out 100k land in 10hours. That is quite a good job. We did more dmg from the moment we started the mutual. But you are just ignoring the facts.

        You used to say that missiles are for the weak? But now you use them for 2 continious rounds? So who’s the pathetic person now?

        Dear Elvis, don’t tell lies, you become a lie my friend.

      • Joseph Stalin says:

        Hahahaha you attacked me and lost nearly 40k NW you absolute chump

        See you next round, better make sure you anti me cos I’m coming for you beautiful <3

        • I lost 30k amd you lost 60k and i got 25 points and you got owned. I play for points. Who cares how much i will lose. I have endless resources 😉 i did 60k damage with one attack. Thats same as the second modeva guy. Maybe i should make my modeva on you instead of poor sahara. You would realise how it feels to lose 400k nw in the bling of an eye. Good luck next round. Maybe finally you get a gold something

      • Joseph Stalin says:

        Oh and btw saying shit like “you only won cos we took a five day break” just devalues other peoples acheivements. They beat you, we probably had a hand in it, just enjoy your silver medal. Can’t win them all baby

        • It’s just facts. They wouldnt have won if we did a an easy war whilest deadline, and started like we were playing now instead of randomming. There guys quitted on purpose and you know it.
          3 days of pts lost 🙂 calculate.
          The guys alive easily could have declared some smaller wars.

          • do you even realy know what you talking about ?? in other posts 2 days break, 3 days break, 5 days break ?? what is it now ??

    • Why you call declaring you and arrogant move? It was our only and best option – in these view of maximize Points – there was. We also knew you would go fill BK mutual. So there isn’t even a surprise. Only nearly 2k pts and some expected deads.
      So here that dream stops.

      • Because the nw difference ofc. Logic?
        It was your best option, but that was the same for us. In +- 10 hours we gained almost 100k land on you guys. And a kill isn’t that easy on 50k land defence bunkered people than on 20k land housing only people.
        Please learn to say congratz to other people instead of only bragging how great you are.

        Peace, MTL

    • After reading all, your post is more arrogant than you could ever imagine.
      + you do realise I hope gold was impossible for Drugs if theym guys just went warring on after the double gangbang?? We stopped wars as some kind of statement. Not because two got killed LOL. That happens every round. We only decided after a couple of we would carry on and would make it some kind of impressive chase, and see where it would end. It ended pretty close, you have to admit!

      • I like how you guys call it a 5 day break but in reality you couldn’t do a thing for 5 days even if you wanted after we gangbanged the whole clan, 4/6 of you were dead. We never intended gold as most of us knew from the outset we couldn’t be active in the last week with real life events.

        The salt was real as you(skom) attacked us out of war afterwards for almost a week whilst we had a couple of wars, I think there was only one day where we didn’t have a war.

        Our first go at points actually and first time we have a full clan, proud of our achievements. We stayed relatively the same NW all round as we took so many hits, for the first half of the round we had skom, drugs and a third clan attacking us at the same time. If that medal of misery still existed the top 5 would be our members 😂

        Learnt a lot this round, I had no idea the meta had turned into fatcat NW and missiling NW clans, pretty lame really as effort is pretty minimalist in comparison to scraping your last turn to save 10 buildings so you don’t die, sweating it for your next bonus.

      • Joseph Stalin says:

        It was really close you guys played really well!

        Don’t take anything I said to heart its just a game <3 It's all in the spirit of fun.

  • Thx everyone for another great round.

    I missed the start due to the longest in between round break ever, but clanmates got me up pretty good.

    Was a tight last week with DDD, you guys really deserve this win, well played!

    #jeej for another UB 😀

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