Browser games

Browser games are fun to play web games with varying difficulty. In essence, this means that these popular web games are for everyone. But why should you dip your toe in the world of browser games? A few reasons why a popular browser game such as Assault.Online might be your cup of tea.

It’s something to do online when bored

Things to do online when bored.. YouTube, checking Facebook, reading, playing.. browser games! Games are a fun way to kill time when you’re bored. There are numerous options to pick from, from RPG to strategy.

You do not need a high end gaming PC

Most browser games aren’t very resource intensive and can be played with any device; phone, PC, tablet or even smart TV. However, with browser capabilities growing, so are the resource requirements for games that you play in your browser. Some can be real resource hogs. Not a problem if you’re playing on desktop, but these type of games might drain the battery of your phone fairly quick. Text based browser games are the least resource intensive of the bunch.

Playing games is good for you

This goes for web games, and games in general; gaming is good for you! A few positives of playing games:

  • May slow down aging
  • Help you become a better decision maker
  • Enhance your ability to learn
  • Better focus and attention
  • Help with depression
  • Make you more social

No downloads required for browser games

You can jump right in, without the need to download anything.

Make friends online (or enemies)

Multiplayer browser games allow you to play with other people. They are a great way to socialize and make friends. Personally, I find the community aspect one of the most fulfilling parts of Assault.Online. Cross continental friendships have been formed, but also long lasting feuds. Be wary!


Some browser games offer a great deal of competition, making them somewhat hard to play. A true test for the mind! Assault.Online offers one of the most competitive environments you will ever find in an online browser game. No pay to win, just activity and your own wits can help you overcome competition.


Who doesn’t like winning? It’s recognition of your competence to play a game. A reward for all the hours you put into a game.