Changes for BETA round 9

Changes for BETA round 9

Most important changes for BETA round 9. Unfortunately development has been a bit slow the past weeks, so no MASSIVE changes.

  • Defense building attack power calculation changed.
    This needs a bit of explanation. In previous rounds, you needed 20% more attack power than a defender to win a battle. For BETA round 8 we made a change that increased the dampening factor for buildings and units lost. In turn, defense building power had to be upped because else the amount of units killed by defense buildings would’ve been VERY low. This had an unforeseen impact on the 20% rule. It basically meant your attack power had to be a LOT higher than the defense power to break defenses. 20% rule now works as expected again.
  • Ability to sell missiles added. Selling a missile returns 75% of the original price.
  • Biochemical missile damage decreased.
  • You can now send a maximum of 10 thiefs, enforced by a dropdown rather than an input field. Previously, you could send more than 10 thiefs. However, it was very likely you would get caught.
  • You can no longer bank money with a release date after the round end.
  • Various display bugs fixed. Most notably some night mode text issues.
  • Medal of Devastation rank added to dashboard
  • Aid event added to globals
  • Bug for cancelling satellites fixed
  • Two units renamed: Dreadnought -> Battleship and Typhoon Attack Submarine -> Submarine
  • You can no longer delete your clan when in clan war

There are several other small fixes, but not worth mentioning really.

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  • No biochem missile fix? the amount of damage they do makes inf almost unusable at the moment.

    • Also thanks for clarification on the defence buildings issue, i’m not really into the whole “Maths” thing but i heard from clan mates that they did some maths and their attacks that were certain to get through were defeating, if that has indeed been sorted it’s a major fix so thank you.

  • Thanks Adding this
    You can no longer delete your clan when in clan war :-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-)

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