Changes for BETA round 15

Changes for BETA round 15

So, for this round we have quite an interesting change. As you might know, I run Assault.Online for free and intend to keep it that way for as long as possible. However, to let Assault.Online grow we could use a bit of spending budget for advertising on (for example) Facebook.

Assault.Online as a project earning money would also mean I can spend more time developing.

I’m not too fond of advertising since most of you probably use an ad blocker or won’t click at all. What we’re going to try for the next couple of rounds is crypto currency! All the cool kids are doing it, so why not Assault.Online?

The idea

You can partake in mining crypto currency for Assault.Online, right in your browser. All it really does is take a bit of your computers processing power. You can switch mining off and on any time you’d like from the ‘mining’ tab in toplists. Mining is disabled for mobile.

The reward

A blooming Assault.Online with fresh players. There will also be a toplist, tracking how much every player has mined. At the end of the round we will have a medal for the player that mined the most; the Medal of Mining. And a Lambo for me of course. For the future, we’ll see how the mining goes and maybe reward in-game currency or credits which can be used to purchase AO related items (Gold User, Platinum Clan etc.)

More info

Other changes

None! I am currently working on a brand new Assault.Online design which includes a bunch of changes. I expect to have this done by the start of next round. I’m quite excited for this version :)!

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