Changes for BETA round 16

Changes for BETA round 16

Just a few small changes we thought were necessary.

  • Price of nuclear missile, chemical missile, biochemical missile and MOAB increased.
  • Price of EMP missile decreased.
  • Price of tomahawk decreased
  • Points rewarded for missiles scale based on your networth, to prevent disproportionate amount of points awarded.
  • Logic for awarding points for incoming/outgoing/mutual wars reworked.

Unfortunately, this round I haven’t been able to code all that much due to a change in my company. Me and my partner decided to continue each on their own. Took up quite a bit of time. Upside is that I will have more time to work on AO2, which I expect to finish soon. I’ll put up a first version soon on

5 thoughts on “Changes for BETA round 16”

  • 1manarmy retires for steak and "censorship" says:

    new nuke points sucks… lower nw nukes should give more points not less.. its easy to have full ams coverage at 150-200k nw compared to 1m+ nw

  • Samurai Jack says:

    I must say, the changes to what the nukes earn has pretty much rendered them useless. That being said, nukezone did the same thing thereby causing long term players to scratch their heads wondering about the name.

  • charliecat says:

    The nukes are a waste of time and money just like the old nukezone, Wet socks do more damage lol.

  • charliecat says:

    Nuke a weapon of mass destruction more like a snowflake in this game. I feel better for getting that of my chest.

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