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Changes for BETA round 18

Changes for BETA round 18

Pretty much all the bugs and requests from the bug Mega thread have been dealt with.

In regards to refreshing page issues.. this is a weird one, and seems to happen with a part of the players. If you are experiencing this, please report immediately and let me know which browser and operating system you’re using.

No real new stuff, other than what was already mentioned in the bug thread;

  • War statistics
  • Ability to search players
  • Ability to search clans
  • ‘Latest’-block on the front page, showing last orders, conversations, forum topics and news
  • Mass messaging to clan members added
  • Back button added in attack sequence, also triggered with backspace, so you can switch back to certain steps
  • Total money banked added on banking page
  • Local events has its own button now in header
  • Completely new system for messaging people
    • Rather than having and inbox with a gazillion messages, you have 1 conversation about a subject/topic with another player. Conversation updates when new messages are added. Also much cleaner in the AO backend, less overhead, moar speed!
  • Few more speed tweaks