Changes for BETA round 21

Changes for BETA round 21

We have a few changes for BETA round 21

  • Golden Shotgun added
    • The clan to reach 2000 clan points first, wins the Golden Shotgun award
  • “Opt out” points system
    • Clans with 3 or less members will be able to “opt out” of clan wars. They are still attackable but you cannot declare on them and they cannot declare on you. Such clans also attain only half resources when attacking out of war, but still award full resources if attacked
    • By default, all clans are opted in.
    • This setting can only be changed once per round, and resets to “in” each round
  • Stop just trying to kill everyone!
    • Below 10k land buildings, attack power of all incoming BK is reduced by 50% (This replace the 20% reduction below 300 which was already in place)
    • A new research “Raid Protection” has been implemented. This research allows your province to automatically build 15 antimissile systems and 35 powerplants (as well as explore back up to 2k land if needed) if your building count drops to 0. This research takes 20 hours to complete. It has a 24 hour cooldown.
    • When enemy Raid Protection activates, you also gain 30 minutes of assault protection.
  • Medal of Misery added
    • Awarded to the player receiving the most attacks during a single round
  • Clan award “United Enemies” added
    • Awarded to the clain receiving the most attacks during a single round
  • Resetting your account will give you a 20.000.000 penalty on your Medal of Thievery score
  • Minor unit balance changes
  • Minor bug changes, most notably the session expired bug.

Finally – we would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody for their dedication over the history of AO. We are now shifting from core game and balance changes towards quality of life and recruitment changes, things aimed to grow our community. Therefore, we would also like to address a few points and make sure people remember what this game is all about.

Last round, we had a few strange things take place. First of all – we had one leader pretending to be Geronimo, faking crew messages, and causing friction in the community for no good reason. We also had someone whom physically harmed themselves after a bust up in their clan.

We also had to strip two of the Beta round 19 medals and reissue them owing to some flagrant cheating via VPN use. This is all monitored, and though we hope not to have to do this again – we will if we must.

All of which is to say, this game is here to allow us to unwind during and after work. The core community is what keeps it going, talking rubbish on Discord and debating clan strategies – thinking about how next to win the round – this is all here for our enjoyment. So take it easy, enjoy the game, relax, and be good to each other.

Thank you all for your support. Enjoy the new round

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