Changes for BETA round 26

Changes for BETA round 26

Welcome to a new Round of Assault.Online!

Test server

Over the last few rounds it has become clear that the player base has been feeling increasingly disenfranchised and frustrated at the seeming lack of discussion around new changes. It’s clear people feel their thoughts and views have been unfairly ignored. Obviously this isn’t what the admin team want, and as a result we can now announce an excited new change in how changes in AO are developed.

Moving forward, balance changes will be conceived and implemented in the usual way, through discussions on discord and (rarely) on the forums. Once changes have been decided and implemented, they will be announced and pushed onto the new Test Server for a period of time to be tested by ANY PLAYER WHO WANTS TO.

There will now be full transparency, not only will changes be announced formally but you will physically be able to go and play them before the round starts. If you hate them and they suck, they can be reverted.

To that end, a new discord channel has been set up #change-feedback. If you would like access to the new server please go and register your interest there NOW. It is open to EVERYONE. Feedback regarding the changes will now be confined to that channel as much as possible.

The test server can be found on

We have been testing the new changes for some time now and have put the following online:

Balance changes (by Panic)

– Removed NW damage dealt/lost comparison when deciding Victory/Defeat

Complaints were made as to the predictability of the current engine. Attacking should be predictable, and it should be possible to work out whether an attack will result in a victory or a defeat from available information. As a result the engine is going back to comparing AP to decide who wins and loses. Other features have been implemented to better deter suicide attacks.

– Points reduction changed from 35% to 50% based on clansize

The 35% reduction was hampering, but was made worse by stacking with the Building Damage reduction which has been almost completed reverted. This leaves room for a slight tweak to the deterrent for Large clans attacking small clans. Overall, the points reduction has still been scaled back by 15% for BK.

– Building damage from 30% to 2% based on clansize

The predictability of victories and defeats under the attack engine shouldn’t be compromised to protect solo or newer players. This has been all but reverted (a small number has been left for practical reasons).

– Defensive startbonus adds 25% life to buildings

– Removed extra 5 buildings per turn for Defensive startbonus

These two changes go hand in hand. The defensive bonus will now allow new, solo, and casual players to have a way to attempt to defend themselves from the experienced player base. This bonus has been redesigned to be a hindrance to competitive play, but soemthing you can take to play a more chilled style. It should remain unattractive to points and networth players, hence the removal of the more buildings per turn. The numbers are tweaked such that the weaker DBs will now mimic the stronger ones, and the stronger ones will now have the defense of AMS. An AMS will have the life of less than 4 powerplants. Defensive bonus and PPE may not be potent, and the combination of the Land rule with AMS stacking may be strong at lower networth. We will have to be vigilant for any potential impact on points play and tweak numbers accordingly. (I am confident this will not be necessary)

– Money and land gain purely based on nw loss

(attacker lost twice as much nw = 50% money & land gain)

Again, this feature allows counterplay to deter larger clans land raiding targets who are weak by virtue of being solo. Currently, larger clans gain too much benefit to just having more players. Clans who wish to land raid will now need to more strategically choose their targets, and solo or casual players can attempt to avoid being on that list by defending themselves appropriately. The numbers are fairly minor, and generally this shouldn’t be a huge deal when offensive bonus and regular attacks are used.

Fixes (by Dikdap)

– Fixed tomahawk remaining after reset

– Do not say “out of range” on the attack page in a mutual war

– Enable demolishing silo’s even if you have tomahawks

– You cannot sell more submarines then needed for tomahawks

– Fix nw calculation when buying units multiple times

– Reset sat morale too if player dies

– Fix max in market sell

– Fix: Make the saboteur a special unit everywhere

– No truncate when buying units

Visual changes (by Dikdap)

– Go automatically to the unittype tab with most units

– Menu order has changed

– Removed the ‘save user’ functionality

– Added date/time to conversations

– Fix: When you are in war & not in range & you can not peace yet, it does not show the message “not in range” anymore

– Users can be CL & CT at the same time, fixed the layout problem

– Fixed notifications on mobile (a bit lower than the fixed menu)

– Put the help for beginners on the bottom of the page

– Make tap area bigger on mobile for sell all and max fields

– Restored exploring and selling back to ajax, so no page reload is needed and messages can be read.

– Make a lot of things more compact on mobile

– Fix padding on clanpage

– Show market timer right away

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    **Other features have been implemented to better deter suicide attacks.**

    What will you do with this info? Last round we had some people doing exactly this to us.

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