Changes for BETA round 34

Changes for BETA round 34

Due to several circumstances development has been slow. But it seems that the playerbase is increasing again, which can only be a good thing. The next round will probably be a weird Corona-crisis round; so stay safe, stay at home, play AO 😉

Here are the upcoming changes for Round 34:

Gameplay changes:

  • “Resume war” removed for now, it’s buggy and I have no time to fix it
  • Because of that: Cooldown has changed to 36 hours
  • Also because of that: No incoming modifier of 50%
  • New clanpoints modifier formula by Panic
  • Clanpoints mofidier: Max diff up is 25%, max dif down is 10%
  • Clanpoints modifier changed from 2000pts minimum to 500pts minimum
  • No resets during Assault protection
  • No sending aid during Assault Protection

My thanks go to:

  • Geronimo and Panic