Changes for BETA round 54

Changes for BETA round 54

We have a few changes for round 54.

True split
– Attack power is split based on the total networth value within a unit type. Let’s say you own 99 NW value of infantry and 1 NW value of air units, 99% of the damage is dealt to infantry rather than splitting the power 50/50.

Defense per unit type widget
– On the dashboard, you can now find a nice little widget that displays how well your defenses cover each unit type.

War menu item
– There’s now an extra menu item that displays the number of wars you currently have

Unit changes
– There have been a few statistic changes amongst various units (mainly decrease of price amongst vehicles)

Aircraft Carrier added
– This is the very first unit that can attack and defend three different unit types.\

New color scheme
– In the footer you can now switch color schemes. More to be added soon. If you have any CSS skills, you can supply your own!