Getting Started

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1. Introduction

Assault.Online (AO in short) is a free, strategic text-based online game. Your goal? Build your province into an international power and destroy all opposition along the way with your army of air, sea and ground forces. Our wide range of top lists and medals mean that there are many ways to play AO as well as many strategies – one to match every playing style.

AO is played in rounds lasting approximately 30 days each. Round dates can be found on the login and dashboard page. At the end of each round, winners in various categories are given medals and all provinces are reset and the game starts over.

There are a number of different resources in AO:

Money – used to build units, buildings, missiles and satellites
Turns – used for researching and to build units, buildings, missiles, satellites and performing attacks
Morale – used when attacking
Land – required to build buildings
Satellite power – required to use satellites

There is also an additional “resource” to keep track of, your networth. Your networth is calculated by summing the value of all your accumulated units, buildings, missiles, land, satellite and research. Your networth determines who you can attack and be attacked by.

AO is designed to be played in small groups called clans. Though individual awards exist, clan gaming is where the most fun can be had. You can ask for an invite on the forum or in the #general channel on discord.

If you need help, there is a #general channel on discord where you can get all the help you need. Highly recommended!

2. Your first round

In the game you can choose what you want to do:

  • Try to build the biggest base, in terms of its land or networth
  • Try to thieve the most money
  • Try to win the most wars
  • Join a clan and follow their goals
  • Just play around, send a few attacks and have some fun

Each strategy needs a specific configuration, but we will start with a default one.

As you start you are prompted to pick a starting bonus, but wait a bit with that for now.

Our first goal is not to die.
Because you will be attacked. A lot.

Do the following steps:

  1. Choose the Defensive Bonus on the dashboard page
  2. Fill up the bank with all the money you have. Use 3-day deposits
  3. Whenever you have 250k, fill up your bank. Get a full bank as soon as possible.
  4. Keep filling up the bank with max deposits of 3 days until you have 10 deposits waiting
  5. Research “Market shipping time” & “Market discount” to the max, but do not queue research (queueing will take extra turns).
  6. Build an extra of X(?) normal power plants
  7. Build 20 Anti-Missile Systems
  8. Choose a unit-type, tanks is a good way to start
  9. Build 100 war factories
  10. Go to the market and order Apocalypse Tanks in orders of 200 max.
    (These tanks are cheap, so low nw increase, but just as strong as others. They are a good defense too)
  11. Join discord! 😉

3. Second round

  • Thieving strategy
  • Generic round plan
  • Opting out clan

4. Tips to stay alive

As AO is highly competitive you will be attacked, and when that happens, the sheer force of the attacks might overwhelm you. Here are some tips:

  • Keep your networth low to make yourself an unattractive target
  • Don’t have unused land, as it will make you an attractive target
  • Build normal powerplants instead of advanced, they live longer
  • Rebuild powerplants when incoming wars occur
  • Keep your powerlevel lower than 40%. Your defense buildings won’t work when power is above 100%.
  • Research cost nw, choose your research wisely
  • Choose either tanks, units, air, sea or missiles. Don’t build everything
  • Bank as much money as possible. It cannot be stolen and will stay in bank until you withdraw. 3-day is best at pointsplay or maintaining alive.
  • But 10 days will give you most money gain.
  • Keep your turn-count high, above 100, to be able to respond
  • Sell your units at the market when going offline, it will drop your NW making you unattractive again. Beware that you’ll lose resources every time you sell units you’ve ordered before.
  • Don’t build too many thieves, saboteurs, snipers or spies. They will add a lot to your networth
  • Money get stolen all the time. That is okey. Money is an easy resource.
  • The Raid Protection does not really help. Don’t research it.

Remember, you are not alone. We all get attacked by these raids. Go to the #general channel on discord and talk about it. We can help.

5. Next steps

Read the manual for more in-depth information
Want to try points play?
Want to try networth play?
Join a clan or make a new one with your friends.

6. Closing words

A round lasts for a month and everything is reset after each round. Awards are handed out and after a few days downtime a new round begins. So take a round or two to just get used to the game and it might be more fun!

The game might be rough on you in the beginning, remember to save some turns so that you can always build some buildings if you are on your way to die!

Remember to learn from what you see and do. Look at the attack data when you send an attack, try to get a feel for how much damage your attacks do.

If you’re getting attacked by multiple people, spy them and see if you can cover one of the unit types they are using with defence buildings!

Join the discord and try to get recruited into a clan to get into the action immediately.

Good luck in AO!