The round has ended! Expect a new round on the 17th of May . The round will start at 10:00 server time.
Proposed changes for the next Beta Round

Proposed changes for the next Beta Round

In the spirit of early engagement with the community, below are some of the bugfixes and changes which the crew plan to work on during our short break:


  1. As discussed, raid shelter research will take over the 10k rule for BK defences, but with a twist:
    1. Level 1 will be as per now, a chance to rebuild following death for 20h research time
    2. Level 2 will implement the 10k rule from this round (where it tiers down from 10k to 5k with increasing protection) for an additional 20h research time.
  2. Nukes will cost an additional 10% morale to fire
  3. All units add 1% less NW, across the board – so that larger armies can be used at lower NWs, inspiring unit play over missile/pure BK
  4. All user stats will be made available for browsing inbetween rounds
  5. The resume war bug will be fixed
  6. Satellite timer, at the moment it crashed 1d earlier than advertised. This will be resolved
  7. Nukes, there is a bug meaning you can only order if you have 6 turns: Even though it takes just 5 to order them really. Silly angle bracket misuse which will be fixed
  8. Ideally we will find time to reorganise spyreports as discussed earlier in the round

Other features might be added at short notice.


If you wish to discuss any of these proposals, feel free to do so by replying to this topic or by discussing it in #feature-suggestions at Discord


Thanks for playing.

12 thoughts on “Proposed changes for the next Beta Round”

  • Monosodium Glutamatesays:

    It’s also discussed to try a round with just 3 members per clan, to see what it does with competition.

    I have no strong opinion on that. Does anyone want to add something to the debate?

    • Image if you could…. you select three member clan option… then those who choose to do it… are randomly put together. … so first 12hrs you choose in or out… then the computer randomly put three together building clans… at 40 hr mark you are assigned… you have 8hrs to plan round strategy and finish build. Image the combos

  • Thx for taking my suggestion on the research. While the hours it cost i can aprove, I dont like the lvl1 protection. You should not have full control on your deaths, beside you provide to little info at this point:
    – how long can you rebuild?
    – how often can you rebuild?
    – in a clan war will you receive 50 points or not?

    Alternate, because getting killed should just simply suck big time:
    – If you die you stay dead for 24 hours (harsh penalty, specially For point clan, in NW getting killed is penalty in itself verry big, and therefor a great goal to accomplish)
    Lvl 1 removes/reduces this penalty

    – reduce starting bonus. Add a extra start of round bonus, making the start of round just as it is, or faster, but coming back from death or reset much slower.

    No comment yet on three player clan

    Quality of life fixes:
    – bring back the clan pictures(big pictures)
    – spy satalite
    – clan overvieuw add individual medals and the player who it won that round. Can be hidden in an “show medals” box. Lots of individual medals are also/can be considered clan effort.
    – fix tommy, i dont belive it has been yet, if you send 200/600 in first attack the attack again sends 1/3*400
    – when building/demolishing buildings the othher page doesnt update correctly
    – even worse wih exploring and selling land, need to refresh the entire page

    – disable medal of thievery, more resources to be scavnged, more fighting

    • Monosodium Glutamatesays:

      not sure honestly what to do with raid shelter. need more discussion on it and the 10k cap…

      Appreciate other feedback fully

  • Coo Coo Clocksays:

    if you remove 1% NW from units.
    you also will get 1% less NW damage

    sure maybe 1% more units. ? also 1% less nw-dmg ?

    so whats really the ‘win’ from this change ?

    • Monosodium Glutamatesays:

      With the damage reduction factor applied, it’s not as simple as 1:1. We actually divide the AP by 12 or 17 (I forget) but apply the life more directly. As such it’ll still increase AP against units somewhat.

      But honestly, would have to try it in dev to be exactly sure.

  • I don’t understand the major push to stay alive… why we have gone this direction. If/when I die in a round… my tactics change because I’m starting over. It happens… instead of all this not dieing protection… why not when you regenerate you start back with some of what you had… make that the research… instead of protection from death. Level1. 12hrs before death you get 30% of what you had… level 2 you get 50% of what you had highest in previous 24hrs

  • Show a local even with the destruction made by your sabotage mission

    Mega launched a missle sabotaged by you and it destroyed: …

  • It should be possible to delete your account at any time.
    Suggestion: make a delete account button on profile page.

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