1. Aid boosting is forbidden. The send aid function allows money to be sent from one clan mate to another. This function is intended to allow clan mates to assist other clan mates in times of need, but not to circumvent the usual in-game economy. Using this function to send significant amounts of cash to a single player is known as “Aid Boosting”. In particular, the act of aiding a player such that they can boost their NW significantly beyond the clan average is expressly forbidden. The definition of significant is at the discretion of game staff.

2. Alliances are expressly forbidden. An alliance is where two or more clans, coordinate to the advantage of eachother, or disadvantage of another clan in any way. An alliance is also when clanless players coordinate with eachother or with players in a clan. Specifically, the discussion of “Clan Business” with any player outside of your clan is against the rules, and this will include discussing your clans strategies, status, tactics, or plans. Conversations among the community should be encouraged, but common sense should be exercised to ensure that discussions with other players do not allow for unfair advantages or disadvantages within AO. Should you think any member of your clan or another is seeking alliances or flouting this rule, please report this to a community manager immediately so that it can be evaluated.

3. Multies. You are only allowed to have ONE account.

4. Abusing bugs. This is forbidden. If you find a bug you are to report it to the community managers/admins.

5. Scripted access to Any script which either:

In any way alters the content of the page in your browser, or
Automatically interacts with Assault.Online, are expressly forbidden. Any browser plugin which injects javascript or other code into the site for whatever purpose is explicitly prohibited. Any automated logging in of your account via any scheduled or triggered scripting to store and analyse code of the game is a serious offence. Examples of such scripting may include collection of province names and statistics, or any script which performs any in-game action on your behalf. Script usage is proactively monitored and trended, using Access logs, cloudfare logs and Kibana-based trending of user behaviour.

6. Harassing/insulting other players is forbidden.

7. Reset Account can only be done once per round and can not be done during clan wars or when in Assult Protection.

The punishment for breaking these rules will be decided by the admins, together with the community managers.