The round has ended! Expect a new round on the 17th of May . The round will start at 10:00 server time.
Proposed changes for the next Beta Round

Proposed changes for the next Beta Round

In the spirit of early engagement with the community, below are some of the bugfixes and changes which the crew plan to work on during our short break:


  1. As discussed, raid shelter research will take over the 10k rule for BK defences, but with a twist:
    1. Level 1 will be as per now, a chance to rebuild following death for 20h research time
    2. Level 2 will implement the 10k rule from this round (where it tiers down from 10k to 5k with increasing protection) for an additional 20h research time.
  2. Nukes will cost an additional 10% morale to fire
  3. All units add 1% less NW, across the board – so that larger armies can be used at lower NWs, inspiring unit play over missile/pure BK
  4. All user stats will be made available for browsing inbetween rounds
  5. The resume war bug will be fixed
  6. Satellite timer, at the moment it crashed 1d earlier than advertised. This will be resolved
  7. Nukes, there is a bug meaning you can only order if you have 6 turns: Even though it takes just 5 to order them really. Silly angle bracket misuse which will be fixed
  8. Ideally we will find time to reorganise spyreports as discussed earlier in the round

Other features might be added at short notice.


If you wish to discuss any of these proposals, feel free to do so by replying to this topic or by discussing it in #feature-suggestions at Discord


Thanks for playing.