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Changes for BETA round 24

Changes for BETA round 24

BETA round 24 has a few gameplay related tweaks:

  • Attack and life for all sea units increased by ~10%
  • Price for all sea units increased by ~10%
  • Resource gains for aggressive attacks increased
  • Carrier now carries 40 air units, increased from 25
  • U-2 Dragon Lady now supports 40 vehicles, increased from 25
  • Battle Fortress now supports 75 infantry units, increased from 50
  • All support units now provide a 20% attack boost, increased from 15%
  • Satellite networth decreased from 6% to 4% for all satellites
  • Medal of Destruction is based on the missiles sent during war

As you might have noticed, there have been various display tweaks and fixes done by a relentless Dikdap. Thanks a LOT!