Changes for BETA round 25

Changes for BETA round 25

We know change can be scary, so without further ado.. the changes for BETA round 25.

  • If the attacker loses A LOT more nw than the defender, the attack is a failure
    This make more sense in a war game. When you lose too much of your own army, and the defender doesn’t, it’s a win for the defender.
    Right now it is tuned towards 2.1 times the loss. Might be tweaked later rounds.

  • Stolen land and money reduction based on clanmembersize difference and networth loss
    For instance; when you attack with a 6 player clan towards a 2 player clan, AND you lose much more nw than your defender, you won’t gain as much money and land as you used to. This is tweaked to at least a 1.5 times the loss. In that case, the maximum difference for money is 75%, for land is 55% with a clansize difference of 5 players.
    It works only from big to small.
    This is done to make it a bit more fair for smaller clans / solo players. If you notice a lot of this, try to make more effective attacks with less losses, or choose bigger clans to attack. This reduction won’t happen in a mutual war!

  • Disabled support units for this round
    This makes the game and interface for new players a bit simpler, and they weren’t really helpful anyway

  • Raid protection removed
    It did not fix what was broken, so we will try to fix it another way

  • Disabled clan opting in and out
    Same as above

  • Clan-points are scaled based on clan member size difference
    For instance; when you attack with a 6 player clan towards a 1 player clan, there will be a small reduction in points. If the difference is 5 players there is a maximum of 35% reduction. If you notice this a lot you might want to take on bigger clans.
    It works only from big to small.
    This reduction won’t happen in a mutual war!

  • Building damage is scaled based on clan member size difference
    Same as above, but the max is 30%
    This reduction won’t happen in a mutual war!

  • There is no total maximum in bank
    Just 10 deposits and a minimum and maximum per deposit

  • Medal of Recruitment
    When a visitor registers, he/she will be able to fill in your userid.
    At the end of round, the one with the most active new users to his id will win this medal. There are a couple of checks to ensure these are actual new individuals playing the game.

  • Public clan messages are now in plain text!

  • The menu stays opened on large screens until you close it again
    This makes you switch faster between areas of the game

  • If there is only one input field in the attack (step 2), prefill it.
    Handy for single unit attacks or spying for instance

  • Mobile interfaces for buildings, units, missiles and market
    It’s a lot smaller, but gives a better overview (thanks to Elon for the help)

  • Easy-spy™ buttons
    If you have spy-units, there will be one-click-spy buttons at several places in the game.
    It will go to attack and spy immediately the target province

  • Added the top 3 clans to the dashboard
    This is updated as often as the toplists

  • Daily summaries for people who were online the past 3 days who have enabled the Telegram bot
    Including top 3 pts last 24h, top 3 nw, top 3 pts.
    These summaries cannot be disabled yet, sorry.

Small changes:

  • Added Telegram bot instructions on the dashboard.

  • Clan tags and names are now unique

  • Cooldown from autopeace changed to 3 days, just like manual peace

  • You can now delete your clan between rounds

  • You can now change clan name and tag between rounds

  • Added cooldown time to clan wars page statistics

  • Added research in progress on dashboard

  • Added research time left in menu and clan member information

  • Added links to the discord-chat on forum and clan-list

  • Added extra bank-help for new players


  • Button fix on clan pages for spy reports

  • Fix double serialization on multiple occurences

  • Fixed cooldown-list problem

  • Fixed title on clan view, clan title instead of faulty “clan not in range” text

  • Max number clickable in explore and sell land

  • Fix links to forum topics on dashboard

  • Fixed a NaN-number in the events where silo’s were disabled

  • Fixed layout of /claninfo command in Telegram bot

  • Fixed days left on satellites

  • Fixed power usage error on bot