Changes for BETA round 22

Changes for BETA round 22

Brand new year, brand new round. New is always better! We have some changes and bug fixes. On the menu:

  • Push messaging for Android & Chrome users integrated
    Can be activated and deactivated right here. Also added a bell icon in the menu. Will send you a push notification upon being attacked, research completed or a new message received. Unfortunately, iOS users will have to wait a bit longer for the same integration. Because currently, I have no idea how to build it, but will try to solve.
  • Resume war function added in again
  • Siege chopper life decreased from 50 to 45
  • Harrier life increased from 45 to 50
  • Harrier attack power increased from 45 to 50
  • Rocketeer attack power increased from 35 to 40
  • Battleship attack power increased from 110 to 120
  • 50% damage reduction for buildings when target under 10.000m2 land also added for missiles and satellites.
  • Sliding scale implemented for building damage reduction
    When at 5.000m2 land or below, you will receive the full 50% damage reduction. Up from 5.000m2, the damage reduction will scale.
    e.g 40% damage reduction at 6.000m2 land, 30% damage reduction at 7.000m2 land, 20% damage reduction at 8.000m2 land, 10% damage reduction at 9.000m2 land.
  • Small display bug fixed and tweaks


Changes for BETA round 21

We have a few changes for BETA round 21

  • Golden Shotgun added
    • The clan to reach 2000 clan points first, wins the Golden Shotgun award
  • “Opt out” points system
    • Clans with 3 or less members will be able to “opt out” of clan wars. They are still attackable but you cannot declare on them and they cannot declare on you. Such clans also attain only half resources when attacking out of war, but still award full resources if attacked
    • By default, all clans are opted in.
    • This setting can only be changed once per round, and resets to “in” each round
  • Stop just trying to kill everyone!
    • Below 10k land buildings, attack power of all incoming BK is reduced by 50% (This replace the 20% reduction below 300 which was already in place)
    • A new research “Raid Protection” has been implemented. This research allows your province to automatically build 15 antimissile systems and 35 powerplants (as well as explore back up to 2k land if needed) if your building count drops to 0. This research takes 20 hours to complete. It has a 24 hour cooldown.
    • When enemy Raid Protection activates, you also gain 30 minutes of assault protection.
  • Medal of Misery added
    • Awarded to the player receiving the most attacks during a single round
  • Clan award “United Enemies” added
    • Awarded to the clain receiving the most attacks during a single round
  • Resetting your account will give you a 20.000.000 penalty on your Medal of Thievery score
  • Minor unit balance changes
  • Minor bug changes, most notably the session expired bug.

Finally – we would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody for their dedication over the history of AO. We are now shifting from core game and balance changes towards quality of life and recruitment changes, things aimed to grow our community. Therefore, we would also like to address a few points and make sure people remember what this game is all about.

Last round, we had a few strange things take place. First of all – we had one leader pretending to be Geronimo, faking crew messages, and causing friction in the community for no good reason. We also had someone whom physically harmed themselves after a bust up in their clan.

We also had to strip two of the Beta round 19 medals and reissue them owing to some flagrant cheating via VPN use. This is all monitored, and though we hope not to have to do this again – we will if we must.

All of which is to say, this game is here to allow us to unwind during and after work. The core community is what keeps it going, talking rubbish on Discord and debating clan strategies – thinking about how next to win the round – this is all here for our enjoyment. So take it easy, enjoy the game, relax, and be good to each other.

Thank you all for your support. Enjoy the new round

Changes for BETA round 20

A few changes have been made for BETA round 20

  • Apocalypse tank attack power decreased from 70 to 65
  • G.I. life increased from 35 to 40
  • Tesla trooper attack power increased from 40 to 50
  • Turn usage breakdown added to statistics page
  • Unit attacks earn less points above a certain networth relative to the damage done.
  • Points are still earned according to the damage you do, but are scaled back according to target NW
    • E.g: 10k of unit damage to a 300k target may earn 15 points. 10k of unit damage to a 500k target may earn 11p.
    • 14k of unit damage to a 500k target may earn 14p. Etc.
  • Missile attacks earn less points above a certain networth relative to damage done in the same way.
  • Maximum successful missile shoot chance is down by 5%, meaning 45% and 90% respectively chance of success when launching a missile
  • On the other hand, the damage of MOABs and nuclear missiles against buildings has been slightly increased

Changes for BETA round 18

Pretty much all the bugs and requests from the bug Mega thread have been dealt with.

In regards to refreshing page issues.. this is a weird one, and seems to happen with a part of the players. If you are experiencing this, please report immediately and let me know which browser and operating system you’re using.

No real new stuff, other than what was already mentioned in the bug thread;

  • War statistics
  • Ability to search players
  • Ability to search clans
  • ‘Latest’-block on the front page, showing last orders, conversations, forum topics and news
  • Mass messaging to clan members added
  • Back button added in attack sequence, also triggered with backspace, so you can switch back to certain steps
  • Total money banked added on banking page
  • Local events has its own button now in header
  • Completely new system for messaging people
    • Rather than having and inbox with a gazillion messages, you have 1 conversation about a subject/topic with another player. Conversation updates when new messages are added. Also much cleaner in the AO backend, less overhead, moar speed!
  • Few more speed tweaks

Changes for BETA round 17

Here we are! BETA round 17. The changes for the game are minor, but the visual changes are a bit bigger.

  • Missiles give more points on lower networth

As far as the design goes.. it’s pretty much built up from the ground up without any clutter that themes usually give. We focussed on having fewer page loads, which you will notice when building, ordering and attacking.

Also; Assault.Online moved to a new server which is new, and completely empty.

Over the coming days you’ll see some more visual changes pop-up here and there. Missing anything from the old design? Let us know in the forums!


Changes for BETA round 16

Just a few small changes we thought were necessary.

  • Price of nuclear missile, chemical missile, biochemical missile and MOAB increased.
  • Price of EMP missile decreased.
  • Price of tomahawk decreased
  • Points rewarded for missiles scale based on your networth, to prevent disproportionate amount of points awarded.
  • Logic for awarding points for incoming/outgoing/mutual wars reworked.

Unfortunately, this round I haven’t been able to code all that much due to a change in my company. Me and my partner decided to continue each on their own. Took up quite a bit of time. Upside is that I will have more time to work on AO2, which I expect to finish soon. I’ll put up a first version soon on

Changes for BETA round 15

So, for this round we have quite an interesting change. As you might know, I run Assault.Online for free and intend to keep it that way for as long as possible. However, to let Assault.Online grow we could use a bit of spending budget for advertising on (for example) Facebook.

Assault.Online as a project earning money would also mean I can spend more time developing.

I’m not too fond of advertising since most of you probably use an ad blocker or won’t click at all. What we’re going to try for the next couple of rounds is crypto currency! All the cool kids are doing it, so why not Assault.Online?

The idea

You can partake in mining crypto currency for Assault.Online, right in your browser. All it really does is take a bit of your computers processing power. You can switch mining off and on any time you’d like from the ‘mining’ tab in toplists. Mining is disabled for mobile.

The reward

A blooming Assault.Online with fresh players. There will also be a toplist, tracking how much every player has mined. At the end of the round we will have a medal for the player that mined the most; the Medal of Mining. And a Lambo for me of course. For the future, we’ll see how the mining goes and maybe reward in-game currency or credits which can be used to purchase AO related items (Gold User, Platinum Clan etc.)

More info

Other changes

None! I am currently working on a brand new Assault.Online design which includes a bunch of changes. I expect to have this done by the start of next round. I’m quite excited for this version :)!

Changes for BETA round 14

Some of the most important changes for BETA round 14.

  • Life of all units increased by 20%.
  • Various performance tweaks resulting in fewer database calls, eventually resulting in a faster AO.
  • Extra event added when making a kill
  • Research time for bank management doubled, from 5 hours to 10 hours per research level
  • The Penalty for Withdrawing at Bank Management Research L2 is now 50%, from 25%. This should be used as a last resort only!
  • There is now also a 25% Penalty for withdrawing early at L3.
  • Users earn no Money, or Turns below their starting Networth
  • Changed Market Shipping 2 Time from 6 hours to 9 hours
  • Changed Market Shipping 3 Time from 3 hours to 6 hours
  • Average Province Declaration Thresholds have been withdrawn. Networth players should be better protected by Banking and market changes in future.
  • Missiles score less points below a certain Networth threshold than previously
  • Slightly increased points earned at all Networth values.
  • Points earned from Building Damage are slightly reduced for low-damage attacks (Less than 5000 total damage)
  • Points earned from Unit Damage are slightly increased for low-damage attacks (Less than 5000 total damage)
  • Overall multiplier for damage done to buildings is decreased – meaning buildings are always slightly harder to kill.
  • When the User has less than 300 buildings remaining, those buildings become a 20% harder to kill. This incentivises attacking provinces evenly to remove their power over going for kills always